We have listed the most common questions and their answers below for your convenience...

How do I make up a missed meeting?
Perfect attendance is recognized and awarded but not required. Members can make up meetings at any Rotary Club in numerous cities, states and countries. There are over 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. So if you like to travel, you can still attend Rotary meetings and maintain an impressive attendance record. Rotarians love visitors!
There are also several Clubs in our area that are convenient and provide an excellent networking resource.

 Greater Odessa Rotary Club, Holiday Inn Express, Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m.
 Odessa East Rotary Club, Ellen Noel Art Museum, Thursdays at 12 noon
 Midland Rotary Club, Midland Center, Thursdays at 12 noon
 Midland Daybreak Rotary Club, Midland Hilton, Wednesdays at 7:00 a.m.
 Midland West Rotary Club, Furrs Cafeteria, Tuesdays at 12 noon
 Online makeup at www.rotaryclubone.org

In addition, participation in club committee meetings and activities count as make-ups.
What types of contributions are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) or Multiple PHF recognition ?
All contributions to the Annual Programs Fund and/or restricted gifts are eligible. PHF points are not only awarded for monetary gifts, but also for your contribution of time and participation in projects. Our club recognizes every moment you spend making a difference and allows you to earn PHF points while volunteering. 
What type of time commitment is required?
We do not require any time commitment. You can spend as much time on projects as you want, or you can be a "lunch member". Your dues alone contribute to so much good in the world. How much time you spend volunteering on projects is completely up to you.
How much are the dues?
Each Rotarian pays quarterly dues which are currently at $162.50. This includes your lunch every Wednesday which is served in a buffet style at Odessa College.
How are Rotary projects developed?
Each club has a unique set of projects developed by members who bring ideas to the table. Anyone can develop a project and present it to the club. Creativity is encouraged and fresh ideas about potential projects are always welcomed at our club.